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The Decider Software

Managing is often anticipating probable future events.

MJT’s Decider system was created from the start to provide a synthesis of the process necessary to take prospective decisions in financial markets.

The system is based on MJT's proprietary 3T methodology, which was conceptualized in the early 1970's and charted by hand until the early 1980's. In 1982, it was computerized and branded the Decider, and in 1985, it was brought on-line to allow users to make their own decisions, live in front of their screens.

Computerizing the system meant putting all the elements of the 3T methodology on to one single picture in order to address the core elements of any financial decision:

- the early identification and monitoring of Trend direction ( Trend )

- the anticipation and confirmation of relevant inflexion points ( Timing )

- the automatic assessment of possible price Targets and hence of risk/reward ( Target )

Today, the Decider Software is an on-line and web-based technical analysis platform, which still runs the 3T methodology according to the principles and broad para-metering laid out some 35 years ago. Over the years, the system has proven its accuracy and it is still doing so today, despite claims by many that the markets have inherently changed.


Over the years, coverage has been extended to all asset classes across many global markets, with investment horizons ranging from long term to intraday. Functionalities have also been extended and now include automatic situation recognition and target calculation on each chart, tables to filter out these situations and seek out opportunities, cross asset mosaic presentation screens to monitor inter-market dynamics and a portfolio simulation tool to analyse the timing and price potential or compare the profiles of different combinations of assets.


To get access to the Decider Software, please contact us on We will train and coach you through webinars and screen sharing conference calls so that you can rapidly on-board of methodology and gain independence in your investment or trading decision process.

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