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Institutional Advisory Services

Since its inception in 1969, Management Joint Trust S.A (MJT). has provided financial and investment consulting services to institutions from all corners of the investing community. These include:

- Investment manager, external asset managers,
- Institutional advisors and family offices,
- Treasurers, pension & endowment funds, life insurers.
   Banks and brokers


These market consultancy services are based on MJT’s unique and longstanding proprietary systems, which are best known for their Directional and Market Timing abilities.

Depending on each client’s prerogatives, MJT can add value in the following fields:

- Tactical and strategic asset allocation process

- Opportunistic trading and investment activities (all asset classes)

- Currency and interest rates overlay strategies

The MJT methodology is available on many OTC Markets and Stock Markets around the World and across all asset classes (Stocks, Equities, Indexes, ETFs, Foreign Exchange, Commodities). Frequencies range from long term to Intraday.

Our experience in inter-markets analysis, in asset and sector rotation, as well as the wide focus of our market coverage, allows us to offer bespoke consultancy services tailored to the specific objectives of each one of our clients and adapted to the variety of their backgrounds and strategies.

Contact us at to set up an initial meeting or conference call. We aim to understand your prerogatives and assess how we can add value to your investment strategies, asset management processes or advisory activities.

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