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Cross Asset Technicians

The Cross Asset Technicians is a monthly publication analyzing trends, cyclical patterns and cross asset relationships over a wide range of assets.

It is dedicated to institutional investors such as CIOs, Advisory desks, wealth, investment, asset or fund managers, family offices or treasurers and aims to provide them with tactical and strategic asset allocation considerations with investment horizons between 1 and 12 months.

Recent track record: March to September 2022

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For MJT’s Cross Asset Technicians publication over the last 12 months, see our monthly premium publications.

Systematic Forecasts Appendix - monthly publication

Overview pages....

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Content of each monthly issue

  • A review of Key Drivers in each asset class (key equity indexes and relatives, benchmark bond yields, FX majors, main commodities, Bitcoin and Ethereum). 

  • Two cross asset Editorials aimed at understanding current dynamics and relationships between assets ans asset classes.

  • A systematic review of the markets (as a separate leaflet) using our Automated Asset Forecasting models in order to provide an objective cross check to our manual analysis.

  • Access to regular premium content on our website and intra-months updates of our cross asset analysis.

Content - The Cross Asset Technician monthly publication
Cross Asset Influence Factors - correlation of Assets and Relative Ratios
Equity Markets monthly table review summary
The S&P500 weekly and Daily review analysis
Systematic Forecasts powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms


The Cross Asset Technicians follows up from The Capital Observer publication, a product which MJT co-edited with a macro research firm between January 2017 and June 2021. During its time, The Capital Observer gathered 11 Finalist positions in various categories of the “The Technical Analyst Awards” and won the Best Specialist Research Category in these same awards in 2018.

The Cross Asset Technicians intends to continue its trend and cycle analysis similarly to what was contributed to The Capital Observer while complementing it with MJT’s Automated Forecasting models. This allows the Cross Asset Technicians to pursue a wider coverage while relying on the systematic confirmations of its automated models.

Contact us at to subscribe or receive a demo copy of the latest Cross Asset Technicians.


Automatic Asset Forecasts powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms

The boxes correspond to the following information

Model fit : Compares the chosen models to the history of the oscillators (average from the 88 models which are used) : 5-4 is Good, 3-2 is Fair, 1-0 is Poor.

Cross Asset Robustness : compares the final combined projection to the average projection resulting from the 5 Key Asset Drivers : 5-4 is Good, 3-2 is Fair, 1-0 is Poor.

Max upside potential over the next 100 days.

Max downside Risk over the next 100 days.

“The MJT methodology is aimed at monitoring trends, their continuation, exhaustion or reversal, as well as identifying future market timing points in advance either in the direction of or against the trend. As such, it enables investors and traders to build prospective market scenarios on many listed assets and over a wide array of investment horizons. By coordinating such scenarios across different assets and asset classes, MJT delivers robust cross asset scenarios which are followed by many institutional investors.”

Jean-François Owczarczak, CFTe, MSTA, FRM and award-winning cross asset writer

CEO and CIO of MJT

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