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Management Joint Trust SA (MJT) has been providing market advisory and research services since 1969. Its approach is based on Trend and Cycle analysis which is available on global markets from long term to intraday. Clients include Investment Committees, Advisory desk, Family Offices, Traders and Asset Managers.

Cross Asset Research tools and Bespoke Advisory services:

  • Continuously updated scenarios on all asset classes

  • Monthly Cross Asset publication with a 1 to 12 months Investment Horizon

  • Bespoke Advisory services covering the markets of your choice

  • Portfolio Analysis and Optimization
    (Factors sensitivity, Performance drivers, Relative comparisons, prospective Timing)

  • Systematic Projections Model (dynamic asset allocation and portfolio rotations)

  • On-line platforms, Training and support

Timing Markets since 1969

Management Joint Trust was founded in 1969 in Geneva, Switzerland by Edouard Owczarczak, a Harvard MBA graduate and lecturer on financial markets for 20 years at the University of Geneva


During the 1970s, Mr Owczarczak developed a proprietary technical analysis methodology while offering asset allocation and stock picking consultancy services to financial institutions.

This methodology was computerized as early as 1982 with live price feeds and by 1984 was introduced on-line using nascent networking capabilities (“Decider Platform”).

Although the functionalities of the “Decider” have evolved, the core algorithms underlying the system are still very similar to the ones used back in the 1980s. The “Decider” offers a very wide coverage (more than 5’000 symbols over all asset classes long term to intraday) with unlimited flexibility in comparing assets or groups of assets among each other and simulating baskets or portfolios.

Today, MJT offers platform services with related coaching and training, bespoke advisory services and cross asset research products to an institutional client base. Since 2015, its products and services were nominated 13 times in various categories of the The Technical Analyst Awards and its product The Capital Observer won the 2018 “Best Specialist Research” award.

“The MJT methodology is aimed at monitoring trends, their continuation, exhaustion or reversal, as well as identifying future market timing points in advance either in the direction of or against the trend. As such, it enables investors and traders to build prospective market scenarios on many listed assets and over a wide array of investment horizons. By coordinating such scenarios across different assets and asset classes, MJT delivers robust cross asset scenarios which are followed by many institutional investors.”

Jean-François Owczarczak, CFTe, MSTA, FRM and award-winning cross asset writer

Investment Advisor of MJT



“MJT’s research products have correctly anticipated a majority of crucial shifts in asset prices in past years, including equity markets, bond yield and foreign exchanges. They provide a very valuable, forward-looking guidance which allows asset allocators to prepare well in advance to negotiate future market obstacles, manage risks and position to capture opportunities. These are the kind of tool you want to have to deliver consistent outperformance.”

Research and Advisory client - Equity Strategist, large Swiss Bank

"From the very beginning, I identified MJT as a unique tool which has given me an edge in the competitive trading market. While it took me dedication to master it, it became a very valuable tool ever since. I highly recommend it to every serious trader and investor wanting to make money."

Platform client - FX Fund Manager for 20 years, today active as financial entrepreneur and Board member

Our Team

Jean-François Owczarczak,
Investment Advisor
CFTe (Bronwen Wood Award 2012), MSTA, FRM | Phone: +41 22 328 93 33

Edouard Owczarczak
President and Founder
Harvard Business School Graduate (1964) | Phone: +41 22 328 93 33

12 Place de la Fusterie

Case Postale 5045

1211 Genève 3

+41 22 328 93 33

Monday - Friday | 9am - 6pm


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