Our biggest challenge for the last 52 years has been fighting the Efficient Market Hypothesis​ stating that prices cannot be predicted, nobody knows and no one can time markets, which of course is in complete contradiction with our claims that “MJT is Timing” and that “MJT gives answers”.

Software Service - The Decider

Managing is often anticipating probable future events.

MJT’s Decider system was created in the early 1970’s to provide a synthesis of the process necessary to take prospective decisions in financial markets. This meant putting all the elements of this decision on to one single picture: 

  • Trend analysis

  • Timing projections and confirmations

  • Price Targets calculations


The system was brought online in 1982 and today, the Decider Software is an on-line web-based technical analysis platform covering 5’000 instruments across all asset classes and many markets with time horizons ranging from long term to intraday.


Get acess to the Decider, benefit from our coaching and gain independence in your investment or trading decision process.


Institutional Advisory Services

Since its inception in 1969, Management Joint Trust  S.A. provides financial and investment consulting services to institutions from all corners of the investing community such as:

  • Investment manager, external asset managers,

  • Institutional advisors and familly offices,

  • Treasurers, pension & endowment funds, life insurers,

  • Banks, brokers and traders

These financial consulting services are available for many OTC Markets or Stock Markets around the World. Our experience in inter-markets analysis, in asset and sector rotation, as well as the wide focus of our market coverage, allows us to offer bespoke consultancy services tailored to the specific objectives of each one of our clients and adapted to the variety of their backgrounds and strategies.

Market Coverage

MJT maintains a large data base on different markets as well as frequencies.

Market Coverage : 

  • 80% of the World's Equity Capitalization, 44 Countries

  • More than 5'000 indivual stocks

  • FOREX and Crosses

  • Commodities & ETFs

  • Interest Rates, SWAPS, Interest Futures

  • Country, Regional and Industrial Sectors

Frequencies : 

  • 10 years

  • 3 years (Weekly)

  • 1 year (Daily)*

  • Hourly*

  • 15 minutes*

  • 4 minutes*

  • 2 minutes*

* The prices are delayed according to markets rules except for OTC instruments, which are available in real-time such as FOREX, Spot Precious Metals as well as Spot WTI and Brent Oil